Sonia Askew

Founder & CEO

Sonia has been a practicing optician for over 20 years at Kaiser Permanente. Ms. Askew obtained her MA in Business Administration/Healthcare Management at the University of Phoenix in 2014 and has always been a dynamic force when serving the community.

Sonia is one of the founding members of the Bay Area Black Workers Centre. After founding Women of Color On the Move in 2014, Ms. Askew continues to be part of Harvest church, teaching grades K-1. Sonia holds numerous certificates in workforce development, fund development for the community-based organization, community marketing/program development management, and grant writing. Ms. Askew is currently pursuing her PhD in Management and Organization Leadership.

Raymond C. Johnson

Vice President

Programs & Services

Raymond is a veteran of the US Army. He has been in the healthcare field since 1981. He’s a former EMT at the CA combat medic Of the US Army and is currently a nurse. Mr. Johnson has 3 years of experience with the American Red Cross disaster drill and health fair.

He has worked at many prestigious institutions such as; Stanford Medical Center, Valley Medical Hospital, Mercy General Hospital system, Juvenile Hall, UC Davis Medical Center as well as the Department of Veterans Affairs. His goal is to develop programs that are viable to minorities that face health & economic disparities. He also has extensive experience in job training and fundraising for education, housing resources for the homeless population and meal programs.


Cheryl Watson

Chief Financial Officer 

Cheryl is a community activist who enjoys working in the community and give back to the less fortunate. She holds a BS in Business Management Sustainable Enterprise. Cheryl is a skilled grant writer and a realtor. She is also a member of Toast Master’s International and a Past Matron of the Order of the Eastern Stars.

Sujata Dahal

Chief VP of Fundraising

Sajata attends California North state college of Health Science and has been one-on-one counselor for multiple individual through the organization Children Association for Maximum Potential and has been a coordinator for the team that would regularly aid the Ronald McDonald House by providing cooked meals for residents. She is going to school for pre-med following her passion is to help those in need. She will be working in collaboration with Dr. Elizabeth Mosely with Fundraising.


Dale McKinney

Chief Legal Adviser

Dale has been practicing civil law for over a decade. His practice focuses on contractual law, unlawful detainer, probate and expungements.  Mr. McKinney obtained his law degree from the University of Northern California’s Lorenzo Patino Law school. He was also al legal analyst for the Sacramento City Unified School District from 2006-2010. Dale has been a community activist since the late 1960s. In 1970 he became the president of the Black Student Union of Sacramento City College. Mr. McKinney has also been an inspirational speaker for many educational organizations that serve minorities, such as the Black Parallel School Board.  He continues to serve the community by offering legal services to the poor, that they can afford.